RIMLS honours founder

de Pont 2

RIMLS institute has decided to name two new meeting rooms after founder and former Scientific Director Prof. Jan Joep de Pont. 

Prof. Jan Joep de Pont (1942 - 2009) graduated in chemistry in 1966 at the University of Utrecht and in 1970 completed his PhD, titled, Excitation and regeneration in vision. Biochemical and biophysical aspects, under supervision of Prof. S.L. Bonting en Prof. F.J.M. Daemen. Jan Joep de Pont subsequently became staff member at Prof. S.J. Bakhtiar (laboratory for Biochemistry, Radboud University). Prof. Jan Joep de Pont was involved in teaching Biochemistry to medical students, dentistry and later health sciences, chemistry and biology students. His primary research focus was membrane transport, in particular Na, K-ATPase and Na, H-ATPase and the secretion of the pancreas, with emphasis on cellular signal transduction. In 1981, he was appointed Professor of Biochemistry at the Radboudumc (then Faculty of Medicine) and in 1986 also at the Faculty of Science. From 1985 until his retirement he was head of the Department of Biochemistry. Throughout his scientific career, he published more than 200 publications and supervised 38 PhD students.

In 1995, Prof. Jan Joep de Pont took the initiative to create the Intracellular Signaling (ICS) research school, in which biomedical research in Nijmegen was coordinated. In 2004, Prof. Carl Figdor took over as Director of what subsequently became the Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences (NCMLS). In 2010, Prof. René Bindels, became Director and conform Radboud policy on communication, the institute changed to its present name, the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS).

In recognition of the groundwork laid by Prof. Jan Joep de Pont, two new meetings rooms will be given his name.

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