RIMLS Public Evening on Chronic Bowel Diseases


Associated with the New Frontiers symposium on the Microbiome, RIMLS organized a free public evening for patients, researchers, students and other interested related to chronic intestinal diseases. 

On Wednesday 11 October 2017, Martijn van Calmthout chaired this RIMLS public evening taking the audience on a journey along the research areas and developments of chronic bowel diseases such as Crohn and Colitis Ulcerosa research

You can view the pictures of the public evening here.

The primary goal this year was to discuss, together with patients and other interested persons, which therapy perspectives will come available in the near future.

These and related questions were discussed during the interactive panel discussion with Joost Drenth (Physician, Radboudumc), Frank Hoentjen Physician, Radboudumc), Nicole de Roos (Researcher, WUR), Gert Olthuis (Ethicist, Radboudumc), Tineke Markus (CCUVN), Bernique Tool (MLD) in front of an audience of 180 people.

Dr. Frank Hoentjen discussed the application of fecal transplantations, followed by a talk of Nicole de Roos entitled “Why is nutritional research so difficult?”.

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"Stichting Maag Lever Darm", "Crohn en Colitis Ulcerosa Vereniging Nederland" and several researchers of our institute were present during the event with various hands-on demonstrations. Also, the attendees could win a giant stuffed microbe in a contest for guessing the right number of microbes in an Erlenmeyer, and mix their own smoothie by cycling on a funny shake-bike. Thanks to the department of Cell Biology and the Museum for Anatomy and Pathology, participants could also look under the microscope at intestinal and feces specimen and open up anatomical models to look at human organs, respectively. Lastly, Food for Care provided tasteful and healthy snacks during the break.

At the RIMLS, we think it is important to bring researchers and the general public in close contact. Therefore, we are very content with the successful edition of the Public Evening and look forward to the next outreach event.

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