On 5th October 2016, the first RIMLSpeaks was organized for all our (j)PIs, “Our scientific system in need of change”?

In recent years, our scientific landscape has changed dramatically. The number of published articles has increased significantly, the competition for grants is huge, the call for social responsibility and impact has risen sharply.

During a thought-provoking debate Prof. Gerard Meijer (RU) and Prof. Barend van der Meulen (Rathenau Institute) discussed these issues with our (junior) principal investigators. After the discussion there was a round table dinner to discuss some more in a social setting. 


The following topics were discussed by the panel and audience:

  • Publication-numbers and rankings are an accurate measure of the quality of a researcher.
  • There are too many researchers In the Netherlands. 
  • The Radboudumc needs to limit the number of research lines. 
  • Within 5 years 50% of the professors should be women. 
  • The quality requirements that the Radboudumc currently uses for our dissertations (preferably at least 3 accepted articles as first author) are too high and obstruct a PhD graduation within four years. 
  • PhD candidates should be trained for a career outside the science.


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Prof. Gerard Meijer                              Prof. Barend Vermeulen



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