Baltussen , Rob

Rob Baltussen, department for Health Evidence, has been appointed Professor of Global Health Economics at Radboud University/Radboud university medical center, with effect from 1 May 2017. Baltussen is expert in making choices in healthcare.

Setting priorities in healthcare is becoming increasingly important. More and more medical technologies are becoming available, but there are also limits to what our society can and is prepared to pay for health. An important question, for example, is whether costly treatments should be reimbursed if they prolong a patient's life with only a few weeks or months.

Combining different views
Medical science, economics, ethics and decision-making, they all have their own vision on making these difficult choices, and they all have their own answers. Professor Baltussen and his team are developing theory and methods that combine these visions. They expect this will increase both the quality of and the social support for making difficult choices in healthcare.

Low-income countries
The chair focuses on making choices in healthcare in the Netherlands but also in low-income countries, where the tension between available resources and health needs is greatest. Baltussen conducts studies in these countries and advises ministries on how to make the best choices.

Baltussen (1968) worked in Burkina Faso (West Africa) and at the World Health Organization for many years. The last twelve years he has been connected to Radboud university medical center, where he leads the research group NICHE (Nijmegen International Center for Health Systems Research and Education). In 2014 Baltussen received an NWO Vici grant to further expand and apply the group’s research in the field of HIV in South Africa.

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