Rob ter Horst one of the new "Faces of Science”

Horst, ter Rob.jpg

How does your life look like when you become a researcher? Twelve new young PhD-candidates will report their daily life within science, via movie clips and blogs. Ter Horst is a researcher at the Dept. of Internal Medicine and investigates why not everybody is equally capable of fighting of diseases. For this, he looks at differences between healthy individuals and persons with a disease, men and women, and even differences between seasons.   

On the website more than 40 PhD-candidates blog about their lives in science. With this, they help younger students at university and high school (year five and six), who are about to make difficult choices about their careers, to form a realistic view of what it is to be a scientist. Nevertheless, the blogs are also interesting for everyone else who is interested in science. The Faces will also perform on several meetings and in the media.  

Faces of Sciences is a project from the KNAW (the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) and the Jonge Akademie (Young Academy) in collaboration with Nemo project, that started in 2014, is financed by the Lira Auteursfonds Reprorecht.

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