Royal decoration for Henk Stunnenberg


Today, Prof. Henk Stunnenberg was appointed by His Majesty as Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion, a highly prestigious decoration.

Henk Stunnenberg's research aims to unravel the molecular basis of development and differentiation emanating from the genome and epigenome in the context of health and disease. His group employs state-of-the-art technological developments ranging from single molecule studies through to genome wide elucidation of genetic and epigenetic pathways. Henk Stunnenberg is full professor, head of the Department of Molecular Biology and member of RIMLS. He was also the coordinator of the large H2020 project BLUEPRINT that aimed at generating at least 100 reference epigenomes and studying these to increase our understanding of underlying processes of health and disease. For instance, processes that lie at the origin of illnesses such as blood cancers (leukaemia) and certain types of diabetes. Henk Stunnenberg has published seminal papers in Nature, Science and Cell. In his field of Molecular Biology, Henk Stunnenberg stands with the best. Stunnenberg’s enthusiasm, broad scientific knowledge, and international reputation draw young scientists from all across the world.


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