Royal Decoration for John Jansen & Jelle Barentsz

Lintje _ridder

On Friday 25th April, John Jansen and Jelle Barentz were honoured with the highly prestigious Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion in view of their services to medical research.

John Jansen is senior professor in Biomaterials, Experimental Implantology and Experimental Periodontology and acts as the chairperson of the Department of Periodontology and Biomaterials. Research interests include biomaterials and tissue  regeneration, with a specific focus on the use of calcium phosphate ceramic as  bone replacing materials. A major current project includes investigation of  nanocomposites with bone inductive properties. Other research projects deal  with the regeneration of dental tissues, like pulp, periodontal ligament and  gingival mucosa. The knowledge obtained can be applied in dentistry as well as  medicine.

Jelle Barentsz is a professor of functional imaging. Research focuses on new functional and molecular imaging techniques in oncology (especially prostate, breast, bladder, colorectal, and cervical cancer). He has a special interest in new developments in magnetic resonance and contrast agents, and in the fusion of the new functional imaging techniques such as dynamic MRI, MRS, CT, and PET. Central to this research is the value added to patient care of combined new imaging techniques and benefits  to the health care system in general.

In addition, four other Radboudian professors received a royal decoration, link (NL only).

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