Rubicon grant for Jeroen de Baaij and Marjolein Meddens

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The Rubicon grant is awarded either to talented researchers that go abroad for two years to gain new research experiences or to attract talent from abroad to perform research in the Netherlands.

This year, 15 researchers received an NWO Rubicon grant, 4 of them are from the Radboudumc/Radboud University.





For the Radboud Institute of Molecular Life Sciences 2 researchers received a Rubicon Grant.

Baaij Jeroen De 2014Jeroen de Baaij,  Dept. of Physiology has been awarded a 2 year NWO Rubicon grant for his project: Mighty Magnesium: Hope for diabetic patients?

Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus often have a lack of magnesium in their blood. This study examines the effects of magnesium on insulin secretion and resistance to understand how magnesium is involved in the development of diabetes. Jeroen de Baaij will perform his research at the University of Oxford, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (UK)


Meddens, MarjoleinMarjolein Meddens, Dept. of  Tumor Immunology has been awarded a 2 year NWO Rubicon grant for her project: Four dimensions of the mast cell membrane.

During an allergic reaction mast cells cause irritation by secreting histamine. It changes the cell membrane from flat to folded. Marjolein Meddens will develop a microscope in which the 3D-structure of the cell membrane of mast cells can be identified. Marjolein Meddens will perform her research at the University of New Mexico, Physics and Astronomy, USA.

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