Rubicon grant for Judith Bergboer

Bergboer, Judith 2012

NWO has awarded Judith Bergboer from the department of Dermatology with an NWO Rubicon grant. Her research project entitiled "A small molecule screen for ciliopathies: Development of a zebrafish olfactory cilia-based assay for cilia signaling and high-throughput chemical screens" will be performed in the group of Dr. I. A. Drummond at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA). Ciliopathies represent a range of complex human syndromes, which all have mutations in genes leading to abnormally formed and/or dysfunctional cilia. Current therapeutic options for ciliopathies are non-existent or limited to experimental gene therapy. The goal of her project is to devise and validate an in vivo, high-throughput zebrafish-based platform to measure sensory cilia function and to use this assay to discover new therapies for ciliopathies.

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