Future scientists visit the Laboratory of Pediatric Oncology


What makes an academic hospital different from any other hospital? One of the main tasks of the academia is to acquire knowledge through research. But what is research, and how do you do that? Thirty children from primary school “de Trinoom” in Wijchen visited the Laboratory of Pediatric Oncology for a quick introduction to the life of a scientist.

Well equipped with a labcoat and a list of scientific questions, the children started to perform a set of experiments that allowed them to get answers to the questions on the list. Does washing your hands really help to get rid of bacteria? What do blood cells look like under the microscope? What is the minimal volume that you can transfer using a pipette? And how many of those tiny droplets can you fit in a soda can? These and other questions were solved by designing and performing experiments. Within the short time span of only one morning all 30 children, 1 teacher and 8 parents evolved into curious and enthusiastic scientists. Who knows, in time we have sparked the fire that drives one of these children to become one of the future top scientists.


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