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What/For Whom is Science Without Borders?

SWB is a scholarship program funded by the Brazilian government in order to accelerate Brazil's domestic scientific progress. Only Brazilian nationals are eligible to claim funding.



Three categories of researchers are funded by SWB: 

  1. Bachelor/master students: to do a full PhD trajectory at Radboudumc of 48 months in total;
  2. Current PhD students: to do a 12-month fellowship at Radboudumc of which 10.000,- EUR will be funded by SWB;
  3. Current postdoctoral researchers: to do a 24-month fellowship at Radboudumc.

Mobility is always from Brazil to (in our case) the Netherlands.

Scientific development in 'Health and Biomedical Sciences' is one of the main priorities of the SWB-program. Universitary medical institutes like Radboudumc are therefore more than welcome to participate.

How Does it Work?

In case Radboudumc has e.g. a vacant PhD position for which no/not enough funding is available, Radboudumc can decide to have the vacancy published on the SWB vacancy board. Brazilian bachelor/master students can subsequently apply for this vacancy from Brazil. If Radboudumc agrees to accepting the student who applied and writes a letter of acceptance, this specific student can claim funding for 48 months in total from SWB. 

It goes without saying the promotion bonus is for Radboudumc!

What Does SWB-Funding Include?

  1. Monthly living stipend (48 months; stipend covers the minimum amount of EUR p/m required by the Dutch Dept. of Immigration);
  2. Air tickets;
  3. Installation assistance;
  4. Assistance to purchase health insurance;
  5. Tuition and fees required by the institute.

Please mind: costs to conduct experiments as well as laboratory costs are not covered by SWB.

The Next Call and More Information

The next call for research vacancies will end on April 22nd 2014. In case you have a project which you want to have published on the SWB vacancy board, please let the International Office (IO; for email address see below) know in due time. IO will be your contact towards SWB.

In case you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Radboudumc's International Office ( or have a look at the following website regarding SWB:


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