Smart Step consortium awarded by Arthritis Research UK and Reumafonds

Kraan, P. vd

Dr Peter van der Kraan, Experimental Rheumatology, has been awarded a grant from Arthritis Research UK and Reumafonds. This grant was given to the Smart Step consortium of six research groups (2 from The Netherlands and 4 from the United Kingdom, euro 3000k).

Cartilage damage occurs in joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Damaged cartilage is unable to repair itself. This grant will be spent on optimizing cartilage repair by the use of smart biomaterials and stem cells. Peter van der Kraan will focus on how the inflammatory environment in a damaged joint interferes with growth factor signaling (TGF-beta, BMP) that is necessary for the formation of articular cartilage from stem cells, and how joint inflammation can be targeted to optimize cartilage repair. 

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