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Two more top speakers join the line-up for New Frontiers in Synthetic Life, namely, Alexander van Oudenaarden and Petra Schwille.

Alexander van Oudenaarden is a Dutch biophysicist and systems biologist. He is a leading researcher in systems biology and synthetic biology, specializing in stochasticity in gene networks and actin dynamics. He obtained his PhD degree in 1998 and climbed the ladder to become full Professor of Physics at MIT. There he received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship and the NIH Director's Pioneer Award. Since 2009, he has been the director of the NIH/NCI-funded Physical Sciences-Oncology center at MIT. In September 2012 he was elected as director of the Hubrecht Institute. Recently he was awarded an ERC Advanced Investigator award and NWO VICI award.

Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille is a Full Professor of Biophysics, Dresden University of Technology (TUD) and a Max-Planck-Fellow of the MPI-CBG. Her research is aimed at understanding living systems on the scale of individually active and interactive molecules such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Her group focuses on four areas: (1)  Single-Molecule Methods; Cell and Membrane Biophysics Microfluidics Synthetic Biology

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