SYRCLE receives ZonMw grant

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SYRCLE receives ZonMw grant to promote the implementation of 'syntheses of evidence' in the field of animal experimentation through workshops and support.

In order to maximise the amount of information derived from studies already carried out, it is vital to thoroughly analyse the available scientific literature. So-called 'syntheses of evidence' (SEs) are structured and transparent methods to perform such analyses. In clinical research, SEs, and systematic reviews in particular, are already common practice. In the field of animal research, however, they are still rather uncommon, even though recent publications show that SEs of animal studies may produce valuable new insights.

This project aims to promote the implementation of SEs of animal studies through three activities:

(1) organising workshops in which biomedical researchers can practice the different steps of a SE,

(2) supporting workshop participants who want to carry out a SE in their own field of research,

(3) disseminating knowledge about and experiences with this review methodology.

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