Systematic review in European Urology (IF 15)


Preclinical and clinical evidence of the efficacy of tissue engineering for urethra repair was systematically investigated in order to stimulate translation of preclinical studies to the clinic.

This publication of the theme of Reconstructive & Regenerative Medicine is a joined effort of the Depts. of Biochemistry, Urology, Health Evidence and SYRCLE with Luuk Versteegden (Biochemistry) and Paul de Jonge (Urology) as shared first and Willeke Daamen (Biochemistry) as last author.

Meta-analysis revealed that cell seeding of implants prior to implantation in urethral defects significantly reduced the probability of encountering side effects in preclinical studies. Remarkably though, cells were only sparsely used in the clinic and showed no significant reduction of side effects. We further show that improvements to (pre)clinical study designs are required to improve clinical translation of tissue engineering technologies.


Tissue Engineering of the Urethra: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Preclinical and Clinical Studies. European Urology.

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Luuk Versteegden                                    Paul de Jonge                                         Willeke Daamen

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