Temporary contracts in Science

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Presentation by: dr. Cathelijn Waaijer
Monday 13 March, 2017, lunch meeting

During the Radboud career week PON and TRAP together with the HR department of the RU are giving you the opportunity to attend a lunch meeting on the topic of temporary contracts in science. 

They have invited Cathelijn Waaijer, who recently finished her dissertation on this topic at the University of Leiden.



A lack of career opportunities and long spells of temporary employment are seen as major problems in science, and are thought to decrease the attractiveness of the scientific profession. In the long run, this could hurt countries’ ability to conduct high-quality research and innovation. Cathelijn’s dissertation examined the origin and effects of the preponderance of junior and temporary jobs in science. In her talk, Cathelijn will focus on academic careers and the effects of temporary employment on the job choice and job satisfaction of PhD graduates.

Cathelijn’s dissertation can be found online here

The meeting takes place on Monday 13 March from 12.30h until 14.00h in the Brasserie in the Spinoza building (lower section near the internal garden). Lunch will be served. 

If you want to attend this meeting, just reply with an email to: trap@dpo.ru.nl .

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