Three SPR grants for the Laboratory of Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Gerben Ferwerda, Dimitri Diavatopoulos and Marien de Jonge from the Laboratory of Pediatric Infectious Diseases further consolidated the collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM).

They have been awarded three grants financed by 'Strategisch Programma RIVM' (SPR) to study the role of maternally derived antibodies in RSV-mediated disease, the antigen-specific B cell response to pertussis and host immunity induced by pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide subtypes.




 Ferwerda , Gerben 2014         Diavatopoulos , Dimitri .jpg         Jonge De Marien , 2014

Gerben Ferwerda           Dimitri Diavatopoulos   Marien de Jonge

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