New Frontiers symposium on Microbiome: the speakers

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During this symposium, excellent speakers shared their latest findings and insights with the audience. Our highly interesting program is listed below.

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The symposium speakers with the titles of their presentations:

1. Microbiome & genetics:

  • Mike Jetten (NL): metagenomics to unravel the blue print of “impossible” anaerobic micro-organisms involved in sustainable nitrogen and methane removal from waste waters.
  • Cisca Wijmenga (NL): population-based approach to human metagenomics.
  • Jeroen Raes (BE): experiences in population-level microbiome monitoring, the Flemish Gut Flora Project.

2. Microbiome & cancer started

  • Jullian Marchesi (UK): the oncomicrobiome: managing the hype to realize the potential.
  • Cynthia Sears (USA): colon cancer: contributions of bacterial species and communities.
  • Christian Jobin (USA): mining the microbiota for therapeutic targets applicable to cancer. 

3. Microbiome & infection

  • Lars Engstrand (SWE): future approaches to shape the gut microbiome in clinical practice.
  • Willem de Vos (NL): human intestinal microbiome, from structure to solutions.
  • David Underhill (USA): commensal fungi in health and disease.
  • Mihai Netea (NL): the microbiome impact on innate immunity. 

4. Microbiome & inflammation

  • George Buck (USA): the role of the microbiome of the female reproductive tract on health and pregnancy.
  • Kjersti Aagaard (USA): early programming of the perinatal microbiome: preparing for future health.
  • Melanie Schirmer (USA): the human microbiome in IBD.
  • Nanna Fyhrquist (SWE): the microbe-host interactions in allergic disease.
  • Elizabeth Grice (USA): the consequences of perturbing the skin microbiome. 

5. Microbiome & neurodevelopment

  • Rochellys Diaz Heijtz (SWE): bacterial peptidoglycans as novel signaling molecules from microbiota to brain.
  • Christopher Lowry (USA): immunization strategy for prevention of stress-related psychiatric disorders.
  • Ted Dinan (IRE): what the gut tells the brain: the brain-gut-microbiome axis.

6. Microbiome & therapy

  • David Relman (USA): the human microbiome and the future practice of medicine.
  • Dominic Raj (USA): the gut microbiome and targeted Interventions.
  • Ellen Blaak (NL): the gut microbiota and metabolic health: hype or hope?


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