TOPICS symposium Less is more: Improving care for older persons

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Less is more: Improving care for older persons


The current medical climate pushes for more data, more medicine, and more interventions. But does this really lead to better health and wellbeing? 

To explore this issue, pre-doctoral candidates, Jennifer Lutomski and Cynthia Hofman, will demonstrate how TOPICS-MDS, a short questionnaire of standardized core outcomes, provides valid and critical insight into health and wellbeing measures for older persons and their caregivers.

Prof. Lisa Schwartz and Prof. Steve Woloshin (Dartmouth University, USA), general internists and authors of the book, Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health, will discuss the perils of overdiagnosis in modern medicine.

'The only way to know if the screening is saving lives is by doing a randomized trial. It's easy to forget this and assume that if technology can find more cancer, it will save more lives. Marketers exploit this assumption. Don't fall for it.' - Quote from Overdiagnosed

Dr. Jeanet Blom (LUMC), a general practitioner and epidemiologist, will demonstrate the benefits of using secondary data for meta-analysis to explore outcomes in a broader framework.

Prof. Mirella Minkman, professor of innovation of organization and management of long-term comprehensive care at the Tilburg University/TIAS, head of Innovation and Research at Vilans, will discuss how more innovative methods can reduce research waste and lead to better practice.

Accreditation is requested at ABAN and NVKG.

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