TRANSCAN grant for Iris Nagtegaal


Iris Nagtegaal from the Dept. of Pathology is part of the TRANSCAN consortium IMMUNOSCOR, headed by Jerome Galon, INSERM, Paris, France. This consortium received a € 1.431.000 grant from TRANSCAN for the project: "Integrative cancer-immunology and Immunoscore for cancer classification and immunotherapies".

Major recent advances were made demonstrating the major importance of infiltrating immune cells in colorectal cancer. The current project represents a unique opportunity to investigate large European cohorts of patients from a multidisciplinary perspective using latest techniques to investigate the interplay between the tumor (genomic signature) and the host (standardized immune test, Immunoscore). Beyond the classical cancer staging, the Immunoscore will better predict the outcome of each patient (Prognostic aspect), the response to treatment (Theranostic aspect), at the time of diagnosis and during the course of the disease.

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 Iris Nagtegaal

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