Two projects granted by the Dutch Arthritis Association for experimental Rheumatology

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Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent and debilitating joint disease worldwide but  no cure has been developed yet. Recent findings show that low grade inflammation within the OA joint may contribute to the pathophysiology and clinical symptoms.  

Arjen Blom (photo up), theme Inflammatory diseases will focus on the involvement of the alarmins S100A8 and -A9 in pain behavior during experimental osteoarthritis (OA). The sequence of events that leads to pain via alarmins will be studied both in experimental OA and in a human trial. 

Peter van Lenttheme Inflammatory diseases will develop new inhibitors for S100A8/A9 heterodimerization for dampening synovial inflammation and joint destruction in osteoarthritis. 

The group of Peter van Lent has significantly contributed in understanding the role of alarmins S100A8/A9 in inflammation and joint destruction in osteoarthritis.


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