Two RIMLS researchers go abroad with Rubicon

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The Rubicon grant is awarded either to talented researchers that go abroad for two years to gain new research experiences or to attract talent from abroad to perform research in the Netherlands. 

For the Radboud Institute of Molecular Life Sciences 2 researchers received a Rubicon Grant. 





undefinedBettina Weigelin, working at the Dept. of  Cell Biology, theme Cancer development and immune defense goes to MD Anderson Cancer Center, Genitourinary Medical Oncology in the USA for 24 months. 

Illuminating the hiding spots using intravital microscopy: targeting immune evasion of prostate cancer lesions in bone.
Cancer immunotherapy has the potential to cure but prostate cancer bone metastases are resistant to immune attack. Bettina Weigelin will use in-depth analysis and multiphoton microscopy to visualise the battle between immune cells and tumour cells in the bone so that strategies to revert cancer resistance can be identified.  


Lotte de Winde, working at the Dept. of Tumor Immunology, theme Cancer development and immune defense goes to University College London, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology in the UK for 24 months.

It takes three to tango: Dynamic cell-cell interactions in the lymph node.
During an infection the immune system defends our body. Special fibroblasts in the lymph node enable immune cells to communicate with each other as a result of which the immune response is activated. In this study the dynamic interaction between the different types of cells in the lymph node will be investigated.

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