UKON receives 500,000 euro grant

!Raymond Koopmans.jpg

In late November, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport honoured the UKON’s policy plan 'Collaboration on the quality of care for the elderly: towards implementation' with a grant worth 500.000 euro.

The policy plan describes UKON’s targets until August 2017. These targets include implementing the care program ‘Doen bij depressie’ (, the formation of UKON expert teams including teams for delirium and geriatric rehabilitation, so that UKON’s knowledge and expertise is more spread out than before. An expert team for the treatment of outpatients, led by Raymond Koopmans, will be formed and will contribute to the further development of content and quality, as well as a format for future outpatient treatment.

In addition to the above, a number of third candidates plus the annual symposium on April 11, 2017 have been honoured. Other academic networks for the elderly, who work combined under SANO (, have also received a grant.


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