Uniform TSP forms for RIHS & RIMLS PhD students

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The RIHS and RIMLS Graduate Schools have developed a set of uniform Training and Supervision Plan forms for PhD candidates in either school.

The Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) is a dynamic document setting out the research and training objectives for the next period, as well as reviewing progress made. Three forms are available (1) a registration form to be completed as soon as possible after the start date of the research project; (2) a progress form to be completed annually; and (3) an exit form to be completed when the manuscript is submitted.

The new forms can be downloaded via the Graduate School websites (RIHS, RIMLS).


Please note:
The progress form should be used by RIHS PhD students:

  • Who finish their PhD (together with the exit form).
  • Who submit their registration form after 31 January 2015. PhD students who have submitted previous versions of the NCEBP/RIHS TSP (e.g., version February 2014) are not required to use the progress form.

The next meeting of the RIHS Training and Supervision Committee is at 23 April. Deadline for submission of the TSPs is 2 April.

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