Van der Wilt appointed member Scientific Development and Capacity Building Advisory Committee

Gert Jan van der Wilt.jpg

Gert Jan van der Wilt appointed member of the Scientific Development and Capacity Building Advisory Committee of Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi)
HTAi is the global scientific and professional society for all stakeholders in HTA. It is the global discussion platform for HTA thought leaders, researchers, agencies, policy makers, industry, academia, health service providers and patients, presently with 82 organizations and over 2,500 individual members from 65 countries. Its mission is to support and promote the development, communication, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a scientifically-based and multidisciplinary means of informing decision making on the use of effective technologies and the efficient use of resources in health care. HTAi has set up a committee to advance its capacity building strategy which is: to identify learning needs of the HTA doers and users within the HTA community; collaborate with teaching centers and academia as well as partner with governmental and nongovernmental HTA bodies to improve HTA capacity around the globe and build up an efficient learning system.

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