Vidi grant applications 2015

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To: Experienced researchers

Personal grants such as Veni, Vidi, Vici and ERC starting, consolidator and advanced grants are considered to be strong indicators of an institute's quality and esteem. The three Radboudumc institutes therefore aim to select good candidates for such grants and try to facilitate them as good as possible with their applications. 

There is an upcoming opportunity for experienced researchers to apply for a personal Vidi grant of € 800,000. Please find below information on the application criteria* and submission deadlines (internal & external). We decided to further improve our application procedure. More specifically, the internal application deadline is advanced, the pre-selection of the candidates will be stricter, and the training and coaching procedures of the applicants will be intensified. Hereby, we intend to maximize the chance of success of our candidates. For any queries please do not hesitate to contact Claudia Soede.

Who can apply?
Eligible researchers should be among the best 10-20% of their age group and have obtained their PhD in between 3 years and 8 years ago (calculated from the date at which their doctorate was formally awarded to the deadline of the relevant Vidi application round, i.e. ~1 October 2015). Talented researchers from abroad can also apply.

How to apply?
The Radboudumc Research Institutes together with Valorization developed an internal support procedure to coach applicants through the entire writing and interview procedure:  The first step is to send an expression of interest email to before 25/2/2015 containing the following information:

-         Up-to-date CV (including the exact date of PhD graduation).
use Appendix 1.
-         Name of the affiliated research institute (RIMLS$, RIHS, DCN)
-         Preliminary title of your application
-         Preliminary abstract, description of idea

Based on the candidate's CV, the candidate will receive a personal advice on his or her anticipated chance of success. Vidi candidates with a positive CV evaluation will be assigned a personal coach who will give feedback on the grant proposal (in addition to feedback obtained from your direct colleagues).

With kind regards,

Guillen Fernandez, René Bindels and Bart Kiemeney

*NWO may, however, relax the upper limits specified here in case of extended sick, parental, maternity or care leave within the relevant periods. The total maximum extension that may be granted to any particular applicant is 5 years. The use of extension has to be approved by NWO before the deadline.

$Both RIMLS Radboudumc and FNWI candidates can apply via this procedure.

Planning internal round (new procedure): link
NWO dates are according the dates of the current round (2014).




































































































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