Vidi Grant for Bas Dutilh

Dutilh, Bas

Bas Dutilh, Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics has been awarded a prestigious NWO Vidi grant of 800.000 Euro in order to develop his own research line and set up a research group over the next five years.

Bacteriophages (viruses infecting bacteria) are the most abundant biological entities on earth and play major roles in all ecosystems by affecting the phenotypes and diversity of bacteria. In this project, Bas Dutilh will discover novel phages associated to the human gut by analyzing new and recycled metagenomic datasets, and develop bioinformatic tools and computational models to study how they contribute to intestinal biodiversity. The tools will be vital to fully exploit the increasingly available metagenomes from all ecosystems, and understand how phage-bacterial interactions shape our microbial world.

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