Vote for Best diabetes idea by Bastiaan de Galan


Support our idea of using heart rate variability to predict hypoglycaemic events!

Bastiaan de Galan together with the REshape Center of Innovation aim to create a reliable, adequate and simple alarm mechanism for people with diabetes type 1 to prevent distressing or even harmful hypoglycaemic episodes. In the Netherlands, more than 100.000 people suffer from diabetes type 1, up to 30% of whom have lostthe ability to recognize an upcoming hypoglycaemic event. These patients are at very high risk of severe hypoglycaemia, in which they require help from another person to recover. Our experience in wearable technology and analysing those data gives our proposal great prospect of finding a durable solution for these people.

Visit the site, watch the movie (Dutch) and hopefully support us with your vote.


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