Wiljan Hendriks elected as MMD Teacher of the Year

Hendriks, Wiljan

Dr. Wiljan Hendriks (Department of Cell Biology) for the second time has been elected as the Master's program Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD Teacher of the Year, chosen by MMD students from the academic year 2012-2013. Wiljan Hendriks was previously chosen in 2011.  

One of the founders of MMD
Wiljan Hendriks, together with Prof. Bé Wieringa and Prof. Gosse Adema are the founders of the successful research master Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. The content of the MMD Master focuses on the basic molecular mechanisms that play a role in diseases and the translation of this knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. In 2011, the founders were honored by the Radboud University for their key contributions in setting up and developing the MMD research master's programme.  

Dedicated, committed and continue to improve
Wiljan Hendriks is known as a dedicated teacher and a involved supervisor of students during their internship at the Department of Cell Biology. In the future Wiljan hopes to further improve the education by implementing programs developed together with the EKO Team (Evaluation, Quality and Development).

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