Living on the edge: the growth of precariousness and why it matters for health

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Martin McKee will argue why the concept of precariousness, in areas such as food, housing, and labour, must be incorporated into health and policy debates, complementing existing thinking on the social determinants of health and the mutual interaction between population health and economic performance. 
The lecture will be followed by debate on McKee's analysis and the impact on national and local policy.

WRR-Lecture 2016 

When: 1 December 2016

Where: Theater Diligentia, The Hague

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About Martin McKee
Martin McKee is Professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where he founded the European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition (ECOHOST), a WHO Collaborating Centre. He is also Research Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and President of the European Public Health Association. He trained in medicine and public health and has written extensively on health and health policy, with a particular focus on countries undergoing political and social transition.

Martin McKee 

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