Your research on Dutch radio?

Gezond En Wel Radio

Once every two weeks, a Radboudumc researcher participates in radio program "Gezond en Wel"; a health and lifestyle show for seven broadcasters in Nijmegen and surrounding areas. Gezond en Wel is a two hour show: informative with good interviews for a layman audience. They broadcast on Sunday. The Radboudumc press office delivers a topic and a speaker for an 8 minute interview.

The interview is recorded on Saturday at 10.35. The interviewers will send you the questions in advance, to prepare yourself. The interview is semi-live; it is recorded in one take on Saturday and broadcasted without editing on Sunday. The studio is in Wijchen, but you can also do the interview by phone.

If you would like to talk about your research (in Dutch) in this radio program, please contact our press officers Anne, Marcel or Pieter. It is a great way to get more experience with 'selling your science to media'. You'll find their contact details here.




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