ZonMw grant for department of Intensive Care Medicine

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The department of Intensive Care Medicine received a ZonMw (Program ‘Doelmatigheid’) grant of €213,000. With this grant research is carried out to prevent delirium (acute confusion) in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients using a multicomponent intervention (MCI) program performed by ICU nurses.

The study entitled "The impact of nUrsing DEliRium Preventive lnterventions in the lntensive Care Unit (UNDERPIN-ICU)". Researchers are Mark van den Boogaard (project leader), Peter Pickkers (co-project leader), Annelies Wassenaar, MSc (co-applicant), and Paul Rood, MSc, (researcher).


Clinical importance of the study
The grant was awarded due to its great clinical importance of this study for the ICU in which many patients develop delirium. This delirium is associated with serious consequences on the short-term as well as on the long-term. Therefore, improving delirium outcome as prevention of delirium, and more delirium free days, is imperative. In non-ICU patients a MCI program showed beneficial effects on delirium outcome, however, its effect in ICU patients is unknown. In ICU patients small scale studies showed that the use of such a program is feasible. The MCI program consist of several non-pharmacological interventions focusing on modifiable delirium risk factors. 

Effects preventive treatment delirium
The study will be performed in 10 hospitals in the Netherlands. The program will be randomly and stepped wedged implemented in the participating hospitals. The effects of the MCI program on cost-effectiveness and delirium-and-coma-free days will be determined.

Positive effects of a multicomponent intervention program will result into revisions of (inter) national delirium guidelines.


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