ZonMw grant for Jeroen van den Beucken

Beucken Van Den , Jeroen

Within the scope of the ZonMw - Translational Adult Stem Cell (TAS) program, Jeroen van den Beucken (Dept. of Biomaterials, Dentistry, Theme Reconstructive and regenerative medicine) received funding for a research project ‘ioCOMPONENTS’.

Within this GameChanger project, DSM Biomedical and Jeroen’s group will work on the concept of intra-operative preparation of constructs for bone regenerative applications, for which autologous components will be harvested and combined with a scaffold material during the bone regenerative procedure itself.

With the obtained funding (620k euro), the collaborative partners will focus on obtaining proof-of-principle in a pre-clinical stage for the treatment of bone defects based on this concept. A valuable asset of the project is the involvement of clinicians (from Orthopaedics, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Dentistry) to expedite clinical translation. The ioCOMPONENTS project will run for 4 years.

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