ZonMw healthcare costs and effectiveness grants




Four ZonMw healthcare costs and effectiveness ("DoelmatigheidsOnderzoek") grants have been awarded to Radboudumc researchers:




Cost-effectiveness of psychosomatic therapy for patients frequently attending primary care with medically unexplained symptoms
Prof. dr. W.J.J. Assendelft , Dr. T.C. Olde Hartman (Primary and Community Care)


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for bipolar disorder
Prof. dr. A.E.M Speckens, M.J. Huijbers (Psychiatry)


Evaluation of two vaginal, uterussparing surgical methods for pelvic organ prolapse reconstruction: modified Manchester operation (MM) and sacrospinal hysteropexy (SSH)
H.W.F. van Eijndhoven (Psychiatry), Dr. K.B. Kluivers  (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)


Cost-effective diagnostic evaluation of patients with symptomatic breast disease; ultrasound as accurate initial imaging technique
Dr. R.M. Mann (Radiology & Nuclear Medicine)



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