ZonMW MKMD grant to develop 3D skin microbiome model

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Ellen van den Bogaard, Patrick Zeeuwen and Joost Schalkwijk, themes Inflammatory diseases and Infectious diseases and global health have been awarded a ZonMw - Meer Kennis met Minder Dieren (MKMD) grant (€ 240,000) to develop a 3D human skin microbiome model to study the mechanisms of host-microbe interactions in skin health and disease.

The MKMD module 'Maatschappelijke Partners' is aimed at the development, translation and implementation of alternatives for experimental animal testing to study human diseases. The researchers from the Department of Dermatology will form a consortium with NIZO Food Research and the Dutch Burns Foundation to facilitate knowledge utilization and implementation of the newly developed 3D skin microbiome model.

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Ellen van den Boogaard                         Patrick Zeeuwen                                      Joost Schalkwijk

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