ZonMW program Translational Adult Stem Cell Research (2014-2015; EUR 100k)

Beucken Van Den , Jeroen

Dr. Jeroen JJP van den Beucken, Dept. Biomaterials has received funding from the ZonMW program Translational Adult Stem Cell (TAS) Research, subprogram International Breakthrough projects, for pre-clinical research on intra-operative mesenchymal stem cell-monocyte constructs for bone regeneration.

The project will focus on the contribution and efficacy of combining monocytes with adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells for the generation of cell-based constructs for bone regenerative applications.

The research will be performed in collaboration with the REPAIR-lab at the Johannes Gutenburg University, led by prof dr C James Kirkpatrick and dr Ronald Unger.

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