ZonMw Top Grant for Mihai Netea and Leo Joosten

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Prof. Mihai Netea and  Prof. Leo Joosten, Dept. of Internal Medicine received a ZonMw Top grant of € 675.000 for a project entitled: Immunometabolic circuits in sepsis: restoring host defense.

Sepsis is a very severe complication of severe infections, in which disseminated inflammation determines defects in organ function. In the late phase of sepsis, immune paralysis is present, predominantly driven by alterations in monocytes and macrophages, which leads to an increased susceptibility to secondary infections.

In collaboration with the group of Prof. Tom van der Poll (AMC Amsterdam), the group of Mihai Netea and Leo Joosten will investigate the mechanisms leading to immune paralysis in sepsis.  A special focus will be given to alterations of cellular metabolism, and the regulation thereof, in monocytes and macrophages. The project aims to determine the role of immunometabolic circuits for the functional phenotype of monocytes in sepsis, and to study the effect of interventions aimed at reprogramming these metabolic alterations on immune suppression during sepsis.  


Netea En Joosten

 Prof. Leo Joosten (l) and Prof. Mihai Netea (r).


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