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Dr. Karolina Andralojc 




I obtained my PhD at the University of Medical Sciences (Poznan, PL), after performing the research in San Raffaele Scientific Institute (Milan, IT), where I studied the developmental changes of ghrelin cells in the pancreas. After a successful postdoc at the Department of Nuclear Medicine (RUNMC), I joined a group of Prof. Updike (MDIBL, USA) to study epigenetic mechanisms that regulate cellular totipotency. In January 2016 I obtained a Marie Curie grant to continue my research.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

1. The EANM Marie Curie Award for the best contribution at the annual EANM Congress 2011, Birmingham, UK

2. MILabs Image of the Year Award, 2012, held during the meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in Miami, FL, USA, for the “Longitudinal imaging of transplanted islets in a rat model with SPECT” by Karolina Andralojc.

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