Arjona Madueño , Francisco
Dr. Francisco J. Arjona 


Renal disorders


One of our biggest challenges in nephrology is the functional characterization of unknown proteins in vivo in health and disease. Given the high prevalence of hypomagnesemia in hospitalized patients and the symptoms associated (i.e. cardiovascular and neurological disorders), research on the (patho)mechanisms that yield hypomagnesemia is needed. Consequently, my current investigation line at the Department of Physiology in the Radboud university medical center focuses on the identification and characterization of new molecular players (transporters, channels and regulatory factors) involved in renal Magnesium (Mg2+) handling since the kidney is the main organ regulating Mg2+ homeostasis. In this regard, my research is particularly oriented to the elucidation of the pathophysiological implications of these new molecular players when they are dysfunctional. Thus, the molecular etiology of Mg2+ reabsorption disorders in the kidney of patients with symptomatic hypomagnesemia can be established.

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