René Bindels

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Prof. René Bindels 

Full Professor

Renal disorders


René Bindels is as physiologist interested in the regulation of ion transport processes in kidney and small intestine in health and disease. Current projects involve the molecular mechanisms controlling the calcium and magnesium balance in general and the regulation of the new family of epithelial calcium and magnesium channels (TRPV5, TRPV6, TRPM6 and TRPM7) in particular. In addition, the functional consequences of mutations in the human ROMK2, NKCC2, NCC and TRPM6 transporters identified in Bartter and Gitelman syndrome and inherited hypomagnesemia are investigated. The studies include use of established epithelial cell lines, tissue-specific knockout mice models, and electrophysiological and biochemical analysis of channel activity. He is responsible for several physiology courses for medical and health science students. He is an elected member of the Academia Europaea. Since 2010 he is the scientific director of the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS).

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • Carl W. Gottschalk Distinguished Lecturer of the American Physiological Society Renal Section.
  • Robert Franklin Pitts Lecturer from the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS).
  • Homer W. Smith award from the American Society of Nephrology.
  • Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion.

Secondary functions


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