Boeree, Martin
Dr Martin Boeree 

Associate Professor

Infectious diseases and global health


Martin Boeree is Associate Professor in Clinical Tuberculosis and other Mycobacterial Diseases.  He is interested in drug treatment of tuberculosis and the clinical relevance of nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM).  Within the 9.6 million euro project PanACEA/HIGHRIF he is the Chief Investigator. In this project shorter TB regimens are investigated with a focus an higher dosages of the pivotal drug rifampicine. In parallel, the role of different surrogate markers for treatment outcome, adherence, concurrent treatment of TB and HIV and hepatoxicity of antituberculous drugs are topics. 

Being the only NTM expertise centre in the Netherlands different species of NTM are investigated and described and new species are discovered. The group focuses on the exploration of the regional epidemiology in Tanzania, Oman, the area Nijmegen-Arnhem, and finally an epidemiological World Map, as well as the prevalence of NTM isolation COPD and surgical treatment of complicated NTM infections.

After specializing in respiratory medicine Martin Boeree went to Blantyre, Malawi to join the College of Medicine, where headed the Department of Medicine. He researched the treatment and research of tuberculosis especially related to HIV. He served as advisor for the National TB Program. In 2001, he joined the Radboudumc and was Director of the TB referral Hospital Dekkerswald from 2005. He was Chair for the Dutch Society of Tropical Medicine and the Federation of the European Societies of Tropical Medicine and International Health. He is national consultant TB for KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and the Dutch Thoracic Society.

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