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Dr. Ellen van den Bogaard 


Inflammatory diseases


I have a fascination for cell culture and tissue engineering and therefore I have developed 3D tissue engineered skin models to study the pathogenesis of inflammatory skin diseases, and for the application in drug screening assays during my PhD studies. Tissue engineered human skin models are a powerful tool to study the pathophysiology of various skin diseases, and my project focuses on the inflammatory skin diseases, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Both diseases are characterized by disturbed epidermal differentiation and patients suffer from a compromised skin barrier. Currently, I am investigating the role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) in epidermal differentiation and innate immune responses, and the pharmaceutical applicability of AhR agonists for various skin diseases characterized by disturbed epidermal differentiation. Much of this research is performed utilizing the in vitro 3D skin models I developed during my PhD studies as alternative for experimental animal models.


National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

2015: Willy van Heumen prize (development of alternatives for animal testing)
2015: ZonMw-NWO Veni laureate
2014: RIMLS Award for Best PhD thesis 2014
2014: Cum Laude dissertation
2014: Frye Stipend for talented women in science, Radboud University Nijmegen
2013: Ter Meulen Fund, Short term fellowship KNAW
2013: ESDR Academy for Future Leaders in Dermatology, Florence Italy
2013: Best Poster prize, International Research Universities Network (IRUN) Immune Integrity Workshop
2013: Travel grant International Investigative Dermatology
2013: Travel grant Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology
2013: Best oral presentation, Nijmegen Institute for Infection Inflammation and Immunity Science Day
2012: Best oral presentation, Dutch Society for Experimental Dermatology (NVED)
2011/2012: Travel grant  European Society for Dermatological Research
2011: Travel grant Dutch Skin Foundation 

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