Boltje , Thomas
Dr. Thomas Boltje 

Assistant Professor



Glycans play an essential role in health and disease. We aim to study and identify important glycans involved in malignant transformation and pathogenic infection (Glycomics). For this purpose, we prepare complex glyans by chemical synthesis and also develop chemical tools to perturb the glycocalyx to identify the essential glycans mediating such processes. Thomas Boltje obtained a PhD from the University of Georgia under the supervision of Geert-Jan Boons (Complex Carbohydrate Research Center) in 2011. After a post-doc at the University of Nijmegen (2011-2012) in the group of Floris Rutjes he started his independent research group in the field of chemical glycobiology in 2013.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

2013: NWO Veni. New methods to prepare glycosidic bonds: enabling the synthesis of "sweet" vaccines.
2011: NWO Rubicon. A glycomics approach to uncover the sialic acid-mediated host-pathogen interactions.

Secondary functions


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