Pieter Buma

Prof. Pieter Buma 

Full Professor

Reconstructive and regenerative medicine


Pieter Buma aims to develop bioinspired scaffolds or tissue substitutes for the regeneration of articular cartilage, bone and meniscus tissue. The structure of the scaffold developed is crucial. It should have an optimal (negative anisotropic) pore structure to avoid  a second differentiation step after implantation. We will apply a multi-level approach in which mechanical load, the local conditions, vascularization strategies are optimized to come to an optimal result. I aim to:

  1. Develop new optimized scaffolds for cartilage and bone tissue engineering.
  2. Optimize scaffolds based on the newest with material technology.
  3. Use knowledge of micro-arrays on bone and cartilage development to use factors for the generation of bio-inspired materials
  4. Use state of the large animal models to test new developed constructs under difficult conditions simulating compromised clinical conditions.

Secondary functions


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