Lutgarde Buydens

Prof. Lutgarde Buydens 

Full Professor



Lutgarde Buydens is interested in chemometrical methodologies and techniques for the optimization of molecular structures with respect to their properties and (bio) chemical activity and for the processing and interpretation of (medical) multivariate images.
The research program is designed around 4 areas:

  1. Methodological Chemometrics: methodological research on chemometrical techniques like global optimization methods, neural networks and multivariate statistics.
  2. Spectroscopic image analysis: linking pixel-based quantification or classification techniques to image processing techniques.
  3. Molecular chemometrics: applying chemometrics in the analysis, optimization and determination of molecular structure.
  4. The analysis of genomics, metabolomics and proteomics data.

Lutgarde Maria Celina Buydens has studied pharmacy and informatics at the Brussels Free University (Belgium). She obtained her PhD in 1986 at the same University on the subject "Structure activity relationships: contributions of gaschromatography and study of neuroleptics". In 1992 she was presented the `Elsevier Chemometrics Award' for noteworthy accomplishments in the field of chemometrics by younger scientists.

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