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Dr. Reinout van Crevel 

Full Professor

Infectious diseases and global health


Reinout van Crevel's research focus is tuberculosis (TB), integrating basic and clinical research. His basic research focuses on innate host defense mechanisms and their interaction with particular M. tuberculosis genotypes, to help understand differences in susceptibility and 'phenotype' of M. tuberculosis infection.

Clinical and operational research, mostly done in Indonesia and Romania, addresses diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary TB and TB meningitis, in HIV-negative and -positive patients, as well as screening and clinical management of concurrent TB and diabetes mellitus.

Van Crevel studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam, and did his specialization for Internal Medicine combined with his PhD training in TB (2003) at the RUMC where he now works as an internist-infectious disease specialist.

Since 1998 he leads a patient-oriented research program on tuberculosis (TB), especially in Indonesia. Between 2006 and 2009 he worked in West-Java, setting up a large program on HIV prevention and care (PI: Prof Andre van der Ven).

Dr. van Crevel was elected as a 'VIDI' by the Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO, 2010) for a research on co-evolution in TB. He is scientific coordinator of an international EU-funded consortium on TB and diabetes (2012-2017), which is running in 7 countries.

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