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Dr. Janna van Diepen 


Mitochondrial diseases


Janna van Diepen performs biomedical research on the metabolic and inflammatory disturbances that underlie the pathogenesis of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Her current research projects focus on innate immune cell function (monocyte\/macrophage) during metabolically disturbed conditions, to help understand why diabetes patients have an increased risk for atherosclerotic plaque development.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

2015: NWO-VENI Grant 2013: Junior Diabetes Foundation Fellowship
2013: Lilly Fellowship of the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD)
2010: Best oral presentation at the ISCD
2010: Best abstract at the Keystone Meeting on Triglycerides in Health and Disease
2009: Amsterdam Young Scientist Award for most promising young scientist at the European Conference on Obesity
2009: Best abstract at the Keystone Meeting on Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance


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