Feiters , Martin
Dr. Martin Feiters 

Associate Professor



My general research interest is understanding biochemical processes and taking them as an inspiration to develop new biomimetic chemistry. I have explored structure-function relationships of enzymes, in particular those related to biological trace  elements, i.e. containing transition metals and having halogens and/or  molecular oxygen as their substrates. I have prepared homogeneous catalysts as enzyme models by appending ligand sets for catalytically active metals to synthetic cavitands like diphenylglycoluril clips and cyclodextrins, and compared the metal complexes to their biological examples with techniques like X-ray absorption spectroscopy (at synchrotrons) and electron paramagnetic resonance. Medical applications of such complexes with iridium are related to electrochemically generated luminescence (sensitive detection) and hydrogenation activities (para-hydrogen-induced hyperpolarization applied in sensitivity enhancement for nuclear magnetic resonance). Another interest is the relationship between the structures of molecules of synthetic lipids and the aggregates obtained by self-assembly by microscopic and scattering (again with synchrotron X-rays, but also with neutrons) techniques, and applied the results to the development of lipids for medical applications like protease inhibition, immunoadjuvants, and transfection.  

Martin Feiters graduated in biochemistry, bio-organic chemistry and food chemistry at the University of Utrecht. For his PhD he worked on the structure-function relationship of the enzyme lipoxygenase at the University of Utrecht and Chalmers Technical University (Gothenburg, Sweden). He subsequently did postdoctoral work in X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Daresbury Laboratory, University of Manchester. He was appointed Associate Professor of Bio-organic Chemistry at the University of Nijmegen in 1989.

1989 - present Associate Professor, Institute for Molecules and Materials Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
1987 - 1989 Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Bio-organic Chemistry Bijvoet Center, University of Utrecht
1984 - 1986 Post-doctoral researcher University of Manchester, UK
1979 - 1984

PhD in Chemistry University of Utrecht, The Netherlands Thesis: "On the iron in soybean lipoxygenases".


National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

2014: Best paper in the journal 'Molecules'.

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