Carl Figdor

Figdor, Carl
Prof. Carl Figdor 

Full Professor

Cancer development and immune defense


Research interests include immunology and cell biology, with a specific focus on the molecular mechanisms controlling antigen presenting cells, in particular dendritic cells. Major current projects include an investigation of the role of lectin-like receptors in antigen uptake and the role of the cytoskeleton in dendritic cell adhesion and migration. The use of high resolution single cell imaging tools to achieve greater insights into the topography of cell surface receptors and the advancement of translational medicine through the treatment of cancer patients using antigen loaded dentritic cell vaccines are among his current fascinations as an immunologist.

Carl Figdor is senior professor in Experimental Immunology (in particular Tumor Immunology) and head of the Tumor Immunology Department. Until 2010 he was the scientific director of the NCMLS.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • 1999 Van Loghem Award, Dutch Society of Immunology
  • 2000 Eijkman Medal, Utrecht. This is an oeuvre award in the field of immunology, awarded for significant contributions to the field
  • 2006 Spinoza Award, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific research (NWO). The Spinoza award is the highest scientific prize given to Dutch scientists by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The prizes are awarded annual to distinguished scientists. More information can be found via NWO: (NWO Spinoza prizes), and (Jury report). The prize was awarded for 'groundbreaking research into the use of immune cells against cancer and for how he translates fundamental research into patient care'. The Spinoza award is associated with 1.5 M€ for research
  • 2008 Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 2009 Dutch Cancer Foundation research award (2 M€) for outstanding translational cancer research.
  • 2010 ERC Advanced Grant (1.5 M€)
  • 2011 Member of the Academia Europaea
  • 2012 Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion
  • 2013 NWO Gravity program grant: The Institute for Chemical Immunology (ICI)
  • 2015 EU 2020 grant: PRECIOUS (8,3 M€)
  • 2016 TEFAF oncology chair


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