Joames Kauffimann Freitas Leal 

PhD Candidate



I'm a brazilian researcher doing my Phd course at Radboudumc. During my Pharmacy undergraduate course I got experience in drugs manipulation, pharmacology, food science, pharmaceutical industry techniques and biomedical sciences. My main focus has always been the biomedical science consequently I joined the Pathology graduate course obtaining recently my master degree. The graduate course expanded my experience in general pathology and pathology of inflammation, immunology, infectious diseases, tropical diseases, neglected diseases and molecular biology. I have technical skills in PCR, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, laboratorial methods (parasitological, immunological, hematological and biochemical methods), chromatografic techniques, citometry, handling of animals and bioterism. Leadership, proactivity, oratory, organization are personal skills were focused and improved during the course


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